Community Day on Sunday, why?

So, the next Community Day is on Sunday which really sucks and I just wondered why. First I thought: somewhere, far far away, one person did trouble in a mall, and to avoid that in the future Niantic put the Community Day on a day when malls are closed. But then I thought that those malls are sponsored locations which benefit from events like this.

Then I got a second theory: Niantic surely has some timetable for Ex Raids, so what if there is an Ex Raid sceduled for 24th march and they were forced to move the Community Day?

What do you think?

I like your theory on Ex raids interfering with community day.

Another option: they want to rotate days so more people get a chance to join in?

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Since ‚ÄúNiantic‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúTimetable‚ÄĚ dont really got into the same sentence, im gonna agree with Punica and say its to shake it up a bit.

Well in our town we have no mall to play, so most people are happy about sundays bc some got to work on saturdays but only very few on sundays. So i just think it depends on where u live and how u play in your town

My moms bday is saturday so im busy thats why it’s sunday. Get wit it.

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I wanted to organize a big bus tour to the nearest mall (150km) for my group. Maybe another month…

How much did you give Niantic? :joy:

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can’t disclose that atm.

sunday is the best day to play in mexico