Community day event

what’s better for dragonite outrage or draco meteor?

Outrage because 220 in a full bar compared to 150 is better and 2 bars vs 1 bar


Unless you somehow manage to die right after using DM and before using second Outrage, Outrage is a million times better
Its actually the most powerful 2-bar attack and has the highest damage per cycle as far as I remember at 220

How do I obtain a Draco Meteor Dragonite? I heard the rumor in my group that you have to evolve an event Dratini during event time and there is the chance of getting any other moves but you couldn’t use TMs. Sounds pretty hard… I wish you could evolve those Dratinis later without time pressure. Does somebody already know about that?

During community day.

So I have to evolve a Dratini during this 3 hour time frame, is it that what you said?


Thanks. Will be very hectic 3 hours then…

A dragonair! :grinning:

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I thought that only Dragonite evolved from captured Dratini during the event would have Draco Meteor

Yeah, said that a post before xD just wanted to save some words