Community Day - December Community Day weekend

It’s been announced that December 14-15 will be the annual Community Day revue. Ostensibly this is to assist those who missed one or more CDs during the year.

They say it encompasses all Pokémon who had CD in 2018 and 2019. That’s nice. I’d happily trade one of those years to get the shinies, which they seem to have left out of the whole event.

Unless I missed something, which would not be without precedent…


Faaantastic news :smile:
In last 6 months (after I re-joined the game) I managed to get only 52 Bagon candies… So finally I should be able to get some more and will have Salamanca in my dex :slight_smile:
In theory during those 36h we could catch 4000 pokes… well… probably it is a bit too ambitious but 2000 should be realistic… we shall see :wink:
(and I should be lvl 40 before that - yey!)


Great news. I can’t wait to finally complete the Totodile and Mudkip Shiny line, and maybe even Mareep and Larvitar, too. Those hatches though… Weird. Why not just the 2018 CD Pokémon, instead of almost all 2018 and then one or two 2019’s? Lol.

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Pokémon hatched from eggs on Saturday are different than the ones on Sunday

Notice that how much distance bonus there is for an egg depends on what TIME an egg was PUT INTO an incubator, while which Pokémon hatches depends on what DAY the egg HATCHES.

I need a little more morning coffee to work out the combinatorics of that in my head.

Wasn’t there an information, that what is inside the egg is defined in the moment you receive the egg?

Ending the year with a blast
( No association with team rocket or TRW )

That would make more sense and be more consistent with normal game behavior. What threw me off was the wording of the schedule on this notice: “Pokémon available to hatch from Eggs” - which sounded like it was for hatching those days. I bet your take on the text is correct, though.

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Yep, it is determined what the Egg will hatch when you receive it.

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It’s nice to have some way for people who missed CDs to get the special moves given for evolutions. Players who missed those CDs are at a disadvantage for not having some of the special-move Pokémon.

What about special moves not overtly-associated with a CD… I’m still quite fond of my Kyogres; but a couple of Crabhammer-wielding Kinglers would be nice. Didn’t see any mention of Crabhammer for this event, though.