Community day #5 charmander spawnrate

Quite a few people in our community are saying the spawnrate of charmander during this community day was lower than the previous days. I myself cant compare cause i was working, so im curious if anyone else noticed the same thing. I dont mean shinys. Just general charmander spawnrate

How was the spawnrate for you during charmanders CD (community day)?

  • Higher CD pokemon spawnrate as previous CD’s
  • About the same CD pokemon spawnrate as previous CD’s
  • Lower CD pokemon spawnrate as previous CD’s

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I had sunny weather so yes

Less then Mareep, but it was raining for both of them.

I thought it was less than mareep or bulbasaur, but it was raining almost the entire time so that might have effected it. It was still fun, I got three so I’m happy

I wish they would make it either earlier or later in the day. Since it’s summer, we are going to have rain almost everyday during the time they have community day

To me it felt like a quite similar spawn rate to last month, but both Mareep and Charmander were not weather boosted during their Community Days.
I’m happy with the result, even with the shinies (within the first 17 minutes I got my 3 shinies… at the end I had 5. Can’t complain.).
I caught about 70 Charmanders at a spot with 4 Lures (not all reachable at the same time), but I had to stop before the three hour window ended, because it started raining cats and dogs…

When we had Bulbasaur, grass Pokémon were boosted here due to sunny weather and the spawn rate definitely was a bit higher.
I always spend the CD hours at the same park, so it’s somehow comparable.

We need a redo. The shiny rate was horrible. IV rates horrible. cps horrible. Only cause it was shiny charizard was it a plus and the stardust.

Far lower. In saying that, the location I was at just became a nest, so its possible that that caused some interference.

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I was at a nest the day before CD. Then on CD it wasnt any more epic. Just the fact every stop had 3 charmanders. should of been double that since even now it has 1 charmander at each stop. No one can tell me this was fair or similar to Dratini. Dratini was a shiny fest.

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I personally hope that it stays this way (lower shiny rate) but that the spawns increase. I personally think they give away so many shinies for free in these events. In saying that, I want at least 1 shiny per event.

1 good IV shiny is fine with me. Aslong i can get enough candy to evolve.

Doubt ill find a shiny again.

I think it depends on the area/region. Because I did both pikachu and dratini for the full 3 hours and only managed to find 1 shiny for each, with 20-30 min remaining. Whereas charmander I managed to find 4 shiny within the first 2 hours.

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Pikachu and Dratini were alot from my standpoint.

Dratini seemed less in my area, but at the same time charmander was weather boosted for me for a majority of community day

It seemed the same to me as previous days, Charmanders absolutely everywhere. It was sunny where I lived (a rarity lol)

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Alot of charmander. Not alot of shiny.

A lot goth for me

We get on average 2 sunny days a year here. It’s basically always cloudy

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