Community Celebi Quest level Challenge

it’s here !!!


When you get 2, put it here

Yes, sir! This is lvl 2:


There is already a topic of this…

Which pokemon?


You get from that step

Tell you later today

edit - suppose to be Eevee

I’m only at 1/8…

Im on a race so im at 2

Won’t be able to do a raid anytime soon so yeah

Just go in any raid. You don’t have to beat it. It counts when you use your pass and stand in lobby. Did that tonight after work.

Ugh I’ll be stuck on step 3 for a while. Hatching 9 eggs is going to be a pain. I only have 2 incubators and not enough coins to buy another one…

It takes me 3 days to save enough coins to buy an incubator. Thursday, I’ll be able to afford one. That’s 3 eggs, then I’m saving my Super Incubator from Stage 1, that’s 3 more. So the other 3 eggs can be done with Orange incubator. So it can be done in the time it takes to hatch 3 individual eggs. Not that difficult.

I mean I know it’s not that difficult, it’s more of I don’t really have enough time to be walking eggs, I mostly have time in a week to walk 1.5-2.5 km and only two days in which I have a chance to place Pokémon at a gym. Otherwise I’m super swamped, if this quest had happened during the summer then it’d be a different story

I had to wait 8 hours to SEE a raid

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