Color change? Too late to start over?

Hey guys,

I’m a yellow player, currently at level 33 (almost 34). Been playing since close to the beginning. My city has lots of gyms, (probably about 25 of them) but they are all blue or red almost all the time (will be lucky to come across 1 yellow gym). Even if there is 1 yellow gym, it will be full so I can’t even put one of my pokemon in it.

So earlier today, I walked the whole town and there wasn’t a single yellow gym so I decided to beat a gym myself so I could change it to Yellow and put my best pokemon in (2960 Dragonite) so I could hopefully collect some coins from it. Within 3 minutes after beating the gym, my Dragonite got murdered and changed back to Blue color that fast and I got no coins or anything from it. So I spent 20 - 25 minutes beating that gym for absolutely no reason at all. Not gonna lie, this really pissed me off.

I’ve been heavily debating starting all over and changing to Blue or Red because I’m heavily outnumbered and this ruins the fun of the game for me. I feel like if I start over, then all of the last 11 months of playing would of been a complete waste of a lot of my time and then everyone else is gonna be miles ahead of me.

If some of you could give me some advice on this, it would be greatly appreciated.



I’m yellow also and if they don’t figure out a way to even up the teams then a lot of yellow and to a lesser extent red are going to either have to start over or quit. They should never have let people choose, they should have just assigned people randomly as they joined and kept the teams fairly even.

If people start over or quit, it’s just going to put the teams further out of whack.

Spoofers and bots seem to trend heavily toward blue for whatever reason

My situation isn’t as bad as the one you describe, but it is frustrating

I agree with everything you said…they shouldn’t of let everyone choose and should of assigned the colors completely even across the board

I feel like a lot of yellow players have already realized this and started over and this is why there is less and less of them as time goes on

I think my situation today where my Dragonite got owned super fast was from a Blue spoofer cause most gyms around me are blue and everytime I beat a gym, I get owned severely fast right afterward…I can’t help but be upset about this

I won’t quit completely because I do love the game but I’m super close to starting over…it just really sucks that I’ve put soo much work in and it would all be for nothing

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I know just how you feel. I am red, but where I live everyone is yellow and blue. It is very rare to see a red gym, that lasts very long, although this seems to be changing a bit after the update, with gyms easier to take down. It is difficult to keep one on your own for long though. If I spot a red gym with one or two Pokémon in it, I will actually walk out of my way to put a Pokémon in, to help strengthen it up a bit. When I chose my team, I didn’t realise how much of an impact it would have, as I didn’t fully understand the game. I believe everyone should be able to change teams once, and once only.

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“When I chose my team, I didn’t realise how much of an impact it would have, as I didn’t fully understand the game. I believe everyone should be able to change teams once, and once only”.

^^^ This exactly. If I would of known that Yellow was going to be heavily outnumbered and would of known that I was never going to be aloud to change it, than I would of put a lot more thought into it lol


The most annoying thing is the team doing the most damage will get the most balls when we fight raids. I think it should be judged individually. Every time Mystic is going to get the most balls and it doesn’t matter if they use the most sufficient Pokemon or not. I think it should just base on percentage of the list from top to bottom then take it from there. This team team thing is not working. Of course it’s nice to be on team Mystic but if anyone is from team Instinct is screwed.

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Where I live Red absolutely dominate, us poor blue and yellow trainers have no hope against them. Apart from the latest update the only colour gyms where I live have been red for the last six months. But lately there has been the occasional yellow and blue gym only to be quickly smashed by the reds.

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Well I was Blue from the start of the game but after while I decided to change my color to Yellow. It was So boring to play in biggest team - nothing to fight.

I think it depends on where you live. I Hope they will allow to change color once per 6 months oř something. Then a lot of Blue / red player will change to yellow.

And my situation is similar to yours. Im bit outnumbered yea. But I got my local community behind me. We go often together and destroy every gym we see. Just check this 2 days ago.

I think you just have to find other Yellow players in your area and communicate with them. Use Facebook to find groups or other social media. Yellow lives and will live Forever.

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Ya it’s like this with Blue where I live…It’s really not fair…they really need to do something about this

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I started on yellow, but reluctantly started over after reaching level 33 so I could be on the same team as my family and friends(Blue). (I asked Niantic like 3 times to change-no response). I know it’s hard to start over, but it’s probably worth it if there’s no yellow in your area. The game’s not fun by yourself. Trust me, I know what it’s like being on yellow.

@Elderscroller That’s a brave move, I couldn’t have done it, you have put in such a lot of work and distance to make it so far. If it makes you happy though. At least you can take advantage of what you’ve learned over the way, like don’t use up your dust recklessly! Only hope Niantic don’t suddenly decide to allow team swap in the near future. That would be painful!

I have decided to start over and changed my color to blue…I plan on moving to a new city soon so I’ll play my blue account until then and once I move, if the new place has more yellow, then I can just log back into my yellow account instead

Well in my town there are lots of mystic and instict players. So I’m glad I chose Valor

Well in my town before the update all the gyms were totally dominated by mystic but something strange has happened since the update, things have turned yellow there are still a few blue and red gyms just to keep things mixed up but way less, went on a raid on the weekend and met some really nice people whilst doing a lvl 4 laprus, we all got talking decided to take down a few gyms togther first gym was red we took it down apparently i won (LvL 34 almost 35) and the gym turned blue much to everyones surprise, we had gotten so carried away at the raid and talking pokemon go we did not ask what teams we were on, all four of them are team instinct, we had a laugh agreed to link up for raids, hunts etc just not gym battles but it was really good to be able to chat and relate to others that play the game as well, if i could i would change teams perhaps they should let mystic players change to one of the others team to help rebalance😀

When you go instinkt, you never go back :wink:

Stay yellow :muscle:t2:, I’m proud of my team :yellow_heart:

Sorry to disappoint other yellow players for switching but like I said before, when I’m heavily outnumbered in my area, it personally ruins it for me…how can I get my 50 coins a day otherwise? Maybe if they re-balanced colors, took away the color system or made other ways to get coins without buying them, then I wouldn’t of done this…I’m moving to a new town in 17 days so hopefully there’s more yellow there!

Before the update, my town was dominated by the red team. I went into town today and was surprised to see an even mix of blue, yellow, and red gyms. I had just assumed that the red team had taken them all over again. I hate the 50 coin a day limit, but it’s nice to see the competitive balance back.

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I chose yellow also not knowing we would eventually be completely outnumbered, I also have no friends in yellow so I’m the Lone Ranger in my town but even if given the choice I wouldn’t change, I consider yellow the hipster team now haha, I like taking down the big boys in my area blue and red, knowing that they would get the shits from being taken over by a yellow guy

Another reason for me to start a new one too was that I didn’t do things right the first time around…I wasted a lot of items, wasted quite a bit of candy and wasted A LOT of stardust in situations where I shouldn’t of…Now that I understand the game completely, I don’t plan on wasting ANYTHING…I’m almost back to level 20 already…It’s actually been fun again to start over to be honest!

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