Collabration part 5

Here are our idea’s!


weekly challenge quests! The rewards would be tms, rare candies, and coins!

Quests would be 1-3 stage, depending on the reward.
Quests in the stages will vary.

To fix shedinja, make it have a 0x damage modifier to non super effective moves.


They should add more berries.
Lets just say that Golden Razz Berry is capture level 5
They should add a level 10 berry (100%) catch


How about, since Arceus is the god of Pokémon, won’t we need a super berry to help catch him.
These berries could be obtained in Arceus’s mythical quest.

@Pokemon 's second idea:

I wish there was a pokestop ranking where you could search what stpps you have spun the most and how many times and you could search a stop and see the top charts for how many times someone has spun a certain stop. You could search that stop.

@darksylveon1 's second idea:

Status moves but only the ones that change the user or foe’s stats and status/confusion inducing moves.

@Pokemon 's third idea:

a pokemon of the week.
It spawns a little bit more and gives double dust when captured.
There also is challenge quest, a fourth quest option (my villian idea was my third) that has 3 different stages, such as catch 10 mankey for 2,000 dust, catch 50 mankey for 15,000 dust, and catch 100 for 30,000?

@Luke 's idea:

what if we had a berry that doubled the catchrate…like a platinum razz

@Gengar1 's idea:

new music tracks? Ofr maybe after reaching a certain level, you could choose music from older games.

@Kevin_v_Hoften 's idea:

my idea is to get golden razz berry’s and Silver pinap berry’s out of Adventure Sync rewards and out of 7 day spins.


time to be my usual a$$hole and shoot it all down:

  1. Like the idea. Coins as reward will never happen though (and shouldn’t)
  2. If it was that easy to fix shedinja, they’d already done it.
  3. a 100% catch rate berry is a VERY bad idea.
  4. If Arceus is a mythical quest, berries have no real use other then ‘lore’ wise. \What if you run out before it sticks because people suck at thowing?
  5. Nice, but useless.
  6. Like it, but as i said many times before i really hate the idea of rewarding players with so much stardust.
  7. Meh, i’d rather see a ‘more stardust berry’ first. Also, catchrate is already high enough (yes, even legendaries) if you know how to play. No need for it.
  8. more music is always good, No idea why it should be locked behind TrainerLevel though
  9. sure, but only in small amounts. if you want golden’s, then you should raid. And silver pinaps are useless to begin with other then for defending gyms.

Overall i like these ideas. But shedinja? No. He Will be absolutely broken in pvp

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@Punica, 7 is my idea of a pokemon of the week, you want a berry instead, right???

I would use him if they gave him his ability


The berries are absurd
100% catchrate?
2* catchrate? GRB already has 2.5 modifier…

Otherwise, awesome

Comment on 9
Not everyone CAN raid(much)

  1. Good idea 5/5
    2 I don’t really understand what that means…
  2. 100 will probably never happen and I also don’t hope it will happen but I like the idea of catch rate levels. 4/5
  3. If I could choose I wouldn’t even want Arceus to be released because it doesn’t make sense to catch the god but that is still a good idea. 4.5/5
  4. I think we should see are own personal stats but not others for privacy. 4.5/5
  5. Good idea 5/5
  6. Good idea I think what Pokemon is chosen should be related to the time of the year for example deli bird on Christmas. 5/5
  7. That might be too similar to golden razz but we could have something that doubles the catch rate of every Pokemon you catch for 30 minutes like starpeice or lucky egg. 4.5/5
  8. Good idea 5/5
  9. We should have more rewards from adventure sync including Pokecoins, gifts (those are the most useful items for me 4.5/5

Shedinja wouldnt take any damage from anything that isnt super-effective, like in the games


From the nonstatus moves of course

Like: catch 300 pokemon
Or complete 20 gym battles

Which one is my third idea.


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No I meant I don’t understand shedi ja

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This collab is over
You can join number 7