Collaboration Part 7 - Results

Ok, just give me a minute here to do all this stuff
It might be a while because I have school

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Take your time

How your school

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Don’t know been out of school for about 12 years

My school has a half day today.

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I need to get my chromebook signed in so I can actually Copy and Paste

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My ideas:

Because pokemon can stay in gyms for so long, there should be an option to remove one from a gym after a certain amount of time and return normally

To add to the multi-select feature, the ability to favorite, un-favorite, evolve, power up, give a second charge move, and use items on multiple pokemon at once should be added. Favorite pokemon and other pokemon that can’t be multi-selected should be allowed to be selected with the addition of the feature. To prevent weird things from happening, a pokemon that is selected to be transferred and can’t be transferred will not be transferred with other pokemon. Pokemon that are favorited will remain favorited, and pokemon that are not favorited will remain un-favorited. Pokemon that can’t be powered up will not be powered up. Pokemon that cannot evolve will not be evolved. Pokemon that cannot receive a second charge move will not get a charge move. An item that cannot be used on a pokemon will not be used on that pokemon. If two pokemon share the same type of candy, then none will receive the effects of the action taken. If too much of an item or stardust would be used, then the action will not be taken. (This is so complex)

To add some search filters, I want to see:

Male (returns all pokemon with the male gender)
Female (returns all pokemon with the female gender)
Genderless (returns all pokemon with no gender)
These search filters may help, with gender based evolution introduced.