Coins per hour?

So I’m guessing some people Have been in gyms for more than 1hr. Is it true you get 1 coin per hour after they get kicked out?

Didn’t even make it an hour before a joysticker took over the gym. Can see that hasn’t been fixed. Lame👎🏻

I got 1 coin for one hour so it is true

Yes, 16 Coins for 15h and a half

Yes. I got 27 coins last night based on how long my Pokemon stayed in gyms. 2 of them got kicked out before the hour was up and I got zero. At midnight is when I started seeing coin increases.

A hot fix for how we receive for coins is needed. Yes, Niantic created this new system to combat stagnant gyms and for that goal, it works. However, a middle ground change would be 1 coin the instant a Pokemon is placed in a gym with a 1-hour cooldown. That way, win-trading is prevented and we all get a reward for taking down a gym. As for having multiple pokemon in gyms, the cap 100 coin daily (21 hour?) cap might have to be extended to a 700 coin weekly cap. Imagine taking hours out of the days to feed Pokemon in gyms only to have them all return on the same day with a reward of only 100 coins.

Coins have been changed since this post

Hey guys, dos anyone get 250 xp by spinning poke stops?

250exp is awarded when you spin a new poke stop for the first time. If you wait 5 minutes and spin it again it will award you with the usual 50exp.

The reward you get for taking down the gym is increasing your Gym Badge level. Your Gym Badge level will increase drops at the Poke Stop and increased items dropped at Raids for that Gym


Edit: I just got two mons returned from gyms and they didn’t gave me any coins though they stayed in for more than 20 hours each. I guess because I already got 81 coins today. My Gym Leader medal did count the hours though and went up from 81 to 124.