Cobalion is coming

TL;DR usefulness:
Worse than Aggron. (Thats pretty … bad)


As long as it’s not frustrating to catch like Darkrai, Kyogre and the LatiAhole mini Dragons I’ll do some on Free Passes only.
It’s times like this when the current T5 is ordinary that I hope there’s T4 that I’d rather do like Ttar, Dragonite or Lapras.

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It was inevitable that we would do this one eventually. Might as well get it out of the way. The cool part is that I don’t have to change my team for Registeel to meet Cobalion at all! XD

At least this one is cool, might max him out within the next 3 years if they give us an easy way to get dust
Waiting for Terrakion tbh :eyes:

I wish they had’ve done Kyurem Black, then Reshiram, then the swords of justice in that order.

Reasoning being that cobalion’s best counter is reshiram and reshiram’s best counter is Kyurem Black.

We already have our Psystrike Mewtwo’s which will be absolute beasts against the swords of justice with cobalion being the only exception due to its part steel typing.


And Virizion because Flying types

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Gen 5 is only version of game my son hasn’t played. So both of us are clueless about what to expect with new Legendaries.


All you need to know is keldio is the best

Funny way to spell Terrakion

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Lol naw think you missed spelled it

Only Terrakion is worth anything in battle tho

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Lol right wink wink

Maybe if its moveset changes. For now Machamp is still better as fighting pokemon, and Kyogre and Kingler (just to name 2, theres more) are better as water pokemon.

Terrakiom on the other hand is a little bit better than Rock Tyranitar. Rampardos still does more damage but glass cannon.

I wouldnt mind seeing both become good. But as far as i can tell for now: Terrakiom > Keldio.


Dont forget Conk is coming soon
Yeah, Terrakion is the best “balance” rock-type - much better DPS than Tar but also a lot more bulk than Rampardos, will definitely max one out


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