Clothes or Storage?

So yeah, after 2 years it happened. I want Fashion Go. My trainer looks too basic.
Thing is, I’m a free player…all I get is 50 coins a day. So, Im currently at Max Bag Space, and 600 poke storage. Should I spend the next 400 coins to buy some jeans and tops, or cut it out and max that storage? Is 600 comfortable enough for Gen IV?


I’m going to finish filling my storage before I spend on clothes. I also just do the 50 coins a day.

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Totally agree with @bobbyjack8.

For me, I don’t see any point in spending coins on the in game clothes. Max out all your storage, and after that spend it on incubators, lucky eggs, or raid passes. Unless they introduce clothes and items that actually help in game, in my eyes it’s a waste of money.


Depends on your playstyle
If you want a living dex + some legendaries in reserve + strong Mons, 600 definetly isnt enough (where are we gonna fit all the Garchomp?!)
If you play more like me, keeping only very rare mons (like all the unown letters), strong mons mainly over 2000CP, then it might be enough, but Im not sure, Garchomp will take a lot of space

Keep in mind that you can buy an upgrade after just 4 days, so if you have a reliable income you can get both

Only clothing item currently high on my wishlist is the Fisherman Boots. I’m still far, far away from the Magikarp medal though, so I’m working on storage again at the moment.

Hm, thanks! I’m gonna pump that storage all the way! As far as incubators, lucky eggs and premium raid passes go, I’ve bought some in the past, and I didn’t felt like it added much to my “casual + keep metas and favorite pokémon only” playstyle. I got a small stock of them to only use on special events, like my 2 starpieces from Mew quest, they’ll see some use on Charmander CD.
To me, these items fit much better a paying customer, since you need to keep a constant stock of them. Not in a rush to hit lvl 40, it will be a long road anyway.

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Even after I completely max out on storage I’ll still buy incubators before clothes.

“Income” LOL I like how you put that.

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I wish I had “income” to spend in this game. I’d raid all day decked out in my Team Rocket gear! Sadly I don’t, so I have to make sure I take the right number of gyms the night before in order to get my 50 coins easy the next morning.

Storage Space all the way.
Storage space helps you play the game, clothing does not.


I’m planning on using the star pieces during next Community Day that we got during Mew quest. If you got money, buy any clothes you want. If you are like rest of us, use your 50 coins each day to go towards incubators. Like NotanotherKangakhan says, get something that actually helps you play the game.

My daughter got new Lapras shirt. It’s free.