Closure of Topics in the Forums

Topics in the forum are closed for a couple different reasons. One is that a topic has strayed too far from the original subject. Another reason topics are closed is because they are old and have no activity for an extended period of time.

If you want to bring back or to reference back to an old topic that has been closed you can link it within a new one. Here is an example: Closed topic example

The goal for our moderators is to keep things on topic, to maintain a friendly environment and to be an active part of the forums.

My goal with the forums is to keep topics generally related to Pokémon Go without the the drama and controversy that other venues have.

If anyone has specific issues with topic closure or forum moderators, please send me a PM.

Thank you all for sharing your Pokémon thoughts, ideas and experience with the world.


I don’t understand the need to close inactive topics. If no one posts in them they’re basically closed anyway. When a topic closes it appears on the unread post list and clutters things up trying to sort through which ones are still active and which ones have just been closed.

I understand closing topics that veer of course or become contentious.


Perhaps they use up a lot of data on the servers. If they are closed they could be entirely deleted after a month, or maybe two.

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Which country you are from

What does that matter? :thinking:


Im more annoyed by an off-topic post on an inactive topic then by a few closed notifications, since they appear in a seperate segment of the unread section anyways… Hardly anything usefull (if anything at all) is being posted in topics more then 30 days old.

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The one exception is when the topic is for example how and when pvp will be introduced. Because that is still a question to be asked today.

As I said, if there is a concern about a specific thread send me a PM and it can be discussed and reopened if it is warranted.

Part of the issues is even if a person replies, it is generally only a single reply because the thread is old and stagnant. Better to open a new thread referencing the old, as new threads generally stimulate activity.
The PvP thread for sample may still be relevant but as the game changes or more information becomes available old posts may not even be relevant, still useful to reference, but it won’t draw much new conversation.


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