Close Pokemon Go Remotely

When at home, I login to Pokemon Go with my tablet so I can see the screen easier… not for playing, just organizing, renaming, transferring, etc… clean-up basically.

Problem is, sometimes I leave it on and running. Next day I open Pokemon Go on my phone, and I can login, I can spin stops, visit gyms, etc… but no Pokemon show up.

Happened today, and luckily my niece was at my house so asked her to close the app and immediately the Pokemon popped up on my screen.

Is there a way to remotely logoff other devices from Pokemon Go?

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There is not any way that isnt tedious, only by changing the password

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I have had to do the same thing

Bummer… SKYPE use to came a command line you ran in the chat window that closes other open instances, and now switched to having to reset the password as well.

Bit of a bummer that Niantic’s stance on this stuff is that it’s meant to be on 1 device only… I remember reading a few threads about setting up saved teams on a tablet then on the phone they don’t show up, and Niantic’s response was basically to run on one device only.

Renaming and sorting after community day especially is much easier on a 10" tablet. :smiley:

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Install Teamviewer on both devices, so you can take over your tablet to close Pokemon Go on there.