Cleaning up the list

I’m not that great at the game, just started playing because my nieces play. I recently discovered how the appraisal worked, well, I knew ‘how’ it worked but now I understand how to read it properly.

As a result, I went through all my Pokemon and starred/favourited everything that was a Wonder! or a shiny. (team blue).

Going forward, when catching I do a fast check and if I see “wonder” I star the Pokemon.

Should I just go ahead and wipe out everything else that isn’t a “wonder”?

My thinking is, if not a wonder and not enough candy to evolve anyways, I may as well free up the slot and hopefully by the time I have enough candy to evolve whatever it is, I’ll have found a ‘wonder’.

I’ll keep a few of the big guys for now, like tier3 2000CP+ until I find something better… but Tier1 and 2, and under 1000CP… should I just dump them for the space? especially with the community day stuff coming up?

Is that a good strategy? Check as soon as caught, star anything that’s a wonder, then once a week basically wipe out anything without a star/fav? And of course, if multiples with stars then I keep the top 1 or 2 of each.

That’s one step going to good decision specially with space reason.

I do that too, being a Valor, my equivalent to your “Wonder” is Amaze. Every amazing got starred immediately and the most lowest were trasported to the prof. but that was before trading is implemented, now everything is kept and traded afterwards. Only after trading and then everything not “Strong” or “Amazing” will be transfered to the prof.

ALL starred will then be check for IV and the top most will be evolved as needed.

Depends on the Pokemon
If it isnt a 100IV (wonder, all three stats with best ranking) then it isnt worth keeping in the majority of non-relevant Pokemon
Keep some high-CP Pokes regardless for some raids

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Good to hear… didn’t want to transfer off 100 pokemon and find out later that maybe some certain pokemon never come as a wonder, or something.

100IV is hard to come by, well, for me. I’m in a remote/rural area about 1h from any city… just small towns and villages, so… not a lot of walking, eggs take forever to hatch, maybe that will change with the sync now, but also means a limited number of stops/gyms to catch at.

Though, I shake my head now knowing how useful the appraisal is because I have some fully evolved Pokemon that aren’t that great, and probably transferred off a bunch of wonders because I was only judging a Pokemon by the CP level. :exploding_head:

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That 100IV mark is only because they are collectibles, they still serve no purpose in battle (e.g. a 100IV Pidgeot is still outmatched by a 66.7% Rayquaza by a lot)

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The 100IV is kinda bugging me now with Magikarp. I’m 3 away from 400 candies, and I do have a wonder attack=defence so, not bad, but so much effort I want to get a 100IV for him.

More so annoying is I also have a shiny Magikarp… but IV wise, just garbage. Be great to evolve a shiny… but, usefulness wise, he’d not be very good in battle.

Funny you mentioned Pidgey, I’ve been obsessed with getting 100IV max’d out rodents like Pidgey, Rattata, etc… stuff not useful in battle, but so many candies, how have I not gotten any wonders yet. :smiley:

Keep in mind, its a 1/4096 chance to find a perfect IV Pokemon outside of raids, eggs, quests or weather boost
Download PokeGenie/Calcy IV and check what is his last stat

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Started using PokeGenie last week actually. Handy app… though annoying it won’t simply import what you have. Pokemon Go should open it up for 3rd party apps to be able to access that stuff… like World of Warcraft… so many linked/integrated addons is great.

Far as I can tell with PokeGenie, when I level up and power-up my main guys, I have to wipe out PokeGenie and rescan them in.

The battle sim though is a major help. I have a lot of issues trying to remember what class is strong against another, and when picking a lineup, Pokemon Go doesn’t seem to show it. You have to memorize what class all your Pokemon are.

Too much work for a game. I’m old… my brain space is getting limited. :smiley:

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Only other ones you may want to keep an eye out for are 0% IV mons. More rare than 100%ers because you can’t hatch them from eggs. Collectors items basically.

don’t forget that you can also gain candies by trading. Anything that you don’t want to keep but you might need the candies for (couple examples: machop, eevee, dratini, scyther, bagon etc etc.) is worth trading because the IV get’s rerolled. I got atleast 5 100% Pokemon since the trading system came out. Keep 12 candy and 25 candy pokemon (which only have 1 evolution) for mass evolves with lucky eggs for lots of xp, then transfer them all at once.

For IV checks you might wanna use an app. CalcyIV or PokeGenie are best. You can use sites too but it takes up too much of your time that way.

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No need to wipe them when you level up. Just Change your level in Poke Genie. Anything you Power Up you want to put through the Battler should be re-checked and it will over right the existing one. Not sure how it knows or does this but I know from experience it does.


Can’t understand why Niantic could not just give the numbers (stat DEF ATT STA) instead of having players use third party software to just approximate it. just 3 bunches of 15s (15 15 15) is not much burden to the system, I think, than using those 3 Gym Leaders who talk same things most of the time and not even come to exact numbers better than PokeGenie or Calcy IV.

Why oh Why Niantic? :grin:


Yup… what they said. :smiley:

Hate when games get so much going on you need a 3rd party app just to make sense of it. IMO that’s a game flaw. A well made game shouldn’t need 3rd party apps… at least not a small game like this.

Reminds me of Borderlands… when you have room for 1 more gun and you need to get a calculator out to decipher which shotgun is better. :smiley:

Few small changed I’d like to see made to the game. That being one.

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Because the original games never had that either

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That’s a poor reason… implies the original was so good it never needs improvement. It can obviously be improved, or else why is everyone downloading 3rd party apps. :smiley:

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IVs were always meant to be hidden and only matter for the competitive, they probably didnt want to confuse people with IVs, EVs/DVs and others
Thats why they put in appraisals/characteristics

I dunno… needs to have something a bit quicker to look at than having to click appraise and go through 5 screens of blah-blah-blah. I saw a YouTube video that said you can skip through the appraisal quicker tapping the screen with X number of fingers at once but, never worked for me.

I think the line under the character that says HP ##/## should simply include the other numbers as well.

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I do understand your point there, maybe they really JUST want IVs (ATT DEF STA) OBSCURE.

But on the other end, there’s a lot in there in Pokemon details that I think does not matter that much in the game, not like IVs as I have known just late in my pokemon go experience.

Here’s some of those details:

  • Weight
  • Height
  • Gender
  • if caught or hatched
  • placed caught or egg picked
  • date caught or hatched

Others that matters specially in battling

  • CP
  • HP
  • Type
  • Attacks


  • Candies

So just thinking if they could had just used the data for IVs instead of the weight, height and gender? Just a wishful thinking… :grinning:

Maybe, X number of fingers, in sequence, so instead of using just one finger 3 times, use 3 fingers in sequence… :grinning:

I see… Sorry I didn’t have the opportunity to play any Pokemon game prior to PoGo…