"Classic Community Day" -- Bulbasaur January 22 from 2 to 5 pm

Not sure what Niantic is doing by adding another Community Day on January 22, a week after their Spheal Community Day. I hope their return to the three-hour model isn’t hinting at a repudiation of the 6-hour model that has been the norm for over a year. (The longer ones actually gave me a chance to get some play in, while my weekend shifts usually overlap with the 2-to-5 time slot.)

Hopefully not as well, but it is interesting that they’re doing a throwback event. I already have the hundo and a Shiny from before, but I do welcome this little event. It could get me the Candy XL I need.

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I get the feeling these additional 3hr re-hash CD’s are so late comers can get the Candy to evolve while the more long time players can get their XL’s. I will welcome Squirtle for the XL’s and Charmander for a second L50 Charizard.

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I welcome the throwback, too, since I had only been able to participate in the original Bulbasaur CD for a tiny fraction of time, and only got one or two shinies total. A maxed-out Venusaur would be nice to have; Tangrowth is supposedly a stronger attacker; but for some reason I have more confidence in my tanky Venusaur.

I like the 6-hour CD format better, since I usually have to work at least half of Saturday and most of Sunday, and the longer format allows me to an hour or two of play. (Getting only TEN MINUTES of the first Charmander CD left me irritated for months.)

100% agree. Really happy they are doing these repeat days, I’ll try to get an L50 Char like you soon :wink:

Charizard is already taken care of for me, but hey, if I ever encounter a shundo, I have uses for that.