Chikorita confirmed as Community Day:What do you think?

We are getting Chikorita as CD Trainers!
What is your opinion?
  • It sucks
  • It is bad
  • Im okay with it
  • Ik happy with it

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And what would be the special Move?

Wheres the “I’m ambivalent about it?”

Idk what that means

You don’t care either way or not happy and not sad about it.

Oh you are against It!now i understand it.

No, I’m no against it.
I honestly don’t care about. I’ll just catch them them to hopefully get a 100%er and boost my Candy count.

Eh, i’ll still do it but i don’t really care about getting 10+ shinies because Chikorita is as useless as Squirtle was

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This only means one more month I have to wait until an actually good CD
And a decent shiny

Or shiny ralts

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Better than Squirtle and Mareep, not as nice as Dratini and Eevee.

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The starters are quite rare Here where I live, so I don’t mind Chikorita. Definitely not the Community Day of my dreams, but hey… new shinies, triple XP, I’ll take it.
And we need to consider that it will take place shortly after the speculated Moltres day and the Ultra Bonus… So, they just couldn’t waste their best CD Pokémon for this probably already busy time…The good ones will come when the summer events are over.


The writing was on the wall that we would get a community day for starters from each Gen.


Happy, actually. On those crazy CD I always play 3hrs straight, and that’s tiring, or a bit frustrating since I wanna hangout with my gf haha. Eevee had me running for 2 days. So on september I’ll just catch 1~2 shinies, evolve a Meganium and go do some other stuff!

A bad CD every now and then is good to not keep you stressed about the meta. We’re definitely not missing anything.

There is still a chance we get Ralts in October.

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I’m still hoping for Gastly and shadow claw Gengar in October