Checking Pokemon IVs

I’m sure this is wishful thinking, but are there any apps or websites that you can use to IV check all of your Pokemon at once? I’d be ok with signing in to an app with my account if it could give me all this info/sort by highest IV.

No legal

Against ToS, would get you a ban


yes is a website you could use

Ahh ok fair enough. I don’t see why though, i wouldn’t see that as cheating in any way?

It’s because all the apps/sites that do this require direct access to your PTC/Google Account to scan all of them simultaneously, which is a TOS violation. You would have to manually scan screenshots of your Pokémon through PokeGenie or Calcy IV to be safe and to not get banned.

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Niantic doesnt want any software to look directly into the game code
These apps look into it, Calcy and Genie look at screen and calculate the values themselves

However it can get you banned

I know it is just a website he could use.

Just use Calcy IV. It doesn’t do bulk IV checking, but it’s an overlay that checks with a single tap.

Don’t use a service that you have to log into, it breaches TOS and the third party could just steal your account…

If you’re on IOS use Pokegenie, it doesn’t do multiple Pokémon at once, but it won’t get you banned.