Cheaters Never Prosper

So I have been “battling” a few suspected cheaters in my area (already reported). But Niantic moves slow (if at all). Does anyone know of any bugs or hacks that mess with a player/trainer’s ability combat a gym? It seem the only time I have “connection” issues is when I am battling these specific gyms that I suspect are bots or spoofers.

I actually know numerous people that bot the game and spoof (there aren’t a lot of free bots out there ATM) and none of them have any gym related functionality. Obviously, spoofers are able to battle gyms but I don’t know if their apps interfere with gyms in anyway. Might even be coincidence. For example, I cannot battle a gym with an Exeggutor. Things like this.

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In my personal experience I noticed that I error out of gymbattles every time when I did a Raid at that specific gym earlier that day.

Out of the three gyms we frequent one seems to glitch out and give an error more frequently than the others, even with no interference from spoofers. It’s happened at the others too, but when people are attacking / feeding the mons at the same time. Seems like too much interacting at the same time throws the gym out of wack, for our spoofers and people actually on the ground. But one of the gyms just seems to have more problems regardless

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