Cheap Smart Watches

I was looking at those cheap $20 smart watches on Amazon and eBay, and wondered if anyone had experience with them and connecting with android, specifically the Google fit app and Pokemon Go?

Need to lose some weight, get back into shape, was looking at something cheap as a health monitor type deal and wanted to hatch some eggs in the process… Wondered if the cheap ones work with Pokemon Go.

Only thing I’ve heard that works with pogo is the Apple Watch :pensive:

EDIT: Just searched it up and only Apple Watch.


Really… That sucks. I have PoGo connected to Google Fitness on my Samsung phone, was really hoping it would work on an Android compatible watch.

Not sure how well or accurate the phone is for monitoring steps. And because I’m in a very small town, 75% of he time I have no phone signal… If weren’t for being a free work phone, I’d drop my carrier and switch.


My Google Fit has been working pretty good lately

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