Charmander Community Day

Hi everyone, first time poster here, Im wondering if the location of hunting for tommorows event matters? I know a spot with multiple pokestops are best, but would it be better to find a charmander nest or would that even matter? i have 2 parks in mind nearby my place and plan to play for the whole 3 hours, just would like to get the most out of the event and get a shiny charmander!

The world will be a charmander nest, so I wouldn’t worry about finding a nest. I like spots with a lot of stops because you can burn through items pretty fast. Since it’s triple dust on catches, I’m going to catch everything and rock a star piece the whole time

well then, thanks for that, i will definitely choose the spot with more stops, i will probably drop some cash on this game to increase my storage box size so i wont be tied up trying to make room for items or pokemon! Good luck tommorow! shiny shiny shiny!

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I’s a great idea to up your storage for pokemon and backpack. Today was a great day to not have to worry about not having space.