Charizard Mega Evolve Bug

Been having issues Mega Evolving my Chairzard. He’s been Mega Evolved many times before, got more than enough Energy stones, just any time I’ve tried to Mega Evolve him in past month I hit the button and nothing happens… dont even get the pop-up asking which Mega Evolve option (Y or X)… and Ive already tried resetting the game data in Advanced settings to no avail…whats going on??


Never heared of this bug, but I’m a bad in this, only evolved two times in mega, so no experience in this part.
Hope someone can help.

One of the current entries in Niantic’s “Known Issues” help page:

Charizard sometimes cannot be Mega Evolved.
Issue description: Even when Trainers have the correct amount of Mega Energy, they may not be able to Mega Evolve Charizard into either X or Y form.
Issue status: Investigating.