Character not moving?

Since the latest Android update, my Huawei Y6 has been having issues with Pokemon Go, at first the game would work fine for about 10-15 minutes then my character would just stop moving at all unless I restarted the game, some times it would come up saying GPS Signal Not Found after 3 or so minutes of this. After a few days its got worse, went down to about 5 minutes of game time before it would stop and now my character will move for the first 30 seconds then stop. If my character is next to pokestops I will still be able to get them and wait for them to reset and get them again even if I am no longer anywhere near them.
I have tried signing out and back in, and reinstalling the game a couple times but this has not worked at all, is there anything I can do other than wait for a new update and hope that fixes the issues?

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