Chansey or Blissey?

I just caught this amazing guy from the “hatch 5 eggs quest”. Of course I’ll max it out to level 40. But I was wondering, shall evolve it or not? Which one is actually the best gym defender?

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Blissey. Blissey has better stats in all categories.


HP: 487
Attack: 60
Defense: 128


HP: 496
Attack: 129
Defense: 169

Congratulations on the hundo!


Nice! Thanks very much! But do you know why Chansey lasts longer in gyms?

I’m not aware of such a thing, and a quick look around suggests that there’s no legitimate reason why a Chansey would outlast a Blissey in gyms beyond simply using weaker Pokemon against the Chansey. Can anyone else shed light on this?


Becouse it has lower cp

If you find it worthy to berry a lot you should do Blissey. If you do not want to berry it a lot you should keep it as chansey


There is no reason a Chansey would outlast her bigger sister in gyms when same Pokémon is attacking.

Chansey does have slower cp delay than her bigger sister.

If you plan to berry, both will yield Chansey candy randomly.

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You know how you need to knock down a Pokemon by three battles unless his CP dropped enough to take only two?
That’s Chansey’s only advantage, she gets to the 2KO range later than Bliss
But if you dont mind checking up on the gym from time to time, that advantage is completely irrelevant

I was pretty hyped when I landed a hundo Chansey. Things have changed a lot since then, but I’m still glad I got one. Congrats!


CP degradation. Anything over 1500 CP loses CP faster than Pokemon with CP under 1500.

Both are annoying having to battle in a gym. But I’ve actually had time run out fighting a Blissey.

Thanks guys. In the end I evolved it. So it’s :100: Blissey now. I don’t rasp my defenders in gym, I generally put my defenders in 3 different gyms everyday, and that’s enough to garantee my 50 coins. I’m really glad I got this hundo. I also got a fake hundo Chansey (it’s like 99.5% IV, so 98% in Pokegenie). And after my hundo Snorlax, I’m getting a strong team of gym defenders :slight_smile:

99.5% IV?


I have the same issue. I am going to evolve mine since Blissey has a better moveset for defending gyms.

Not sure what exactly does that means but I think its (CPactual - CPmin)/(CPmax - CPmin)
But every IV is 2.2 periodcical (1/45) so it cant be its actual percentage

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When I caught it (from the quest), I thought it was a 100% one since it had a 537 PC. But it wasn’t. Then today, a 537 PC again, so I thought “oh, another 98%”, but no, that one was a hundo.


That happens when the stat is too high but the CP is too low lol

You could select “appraise” for the Pokemon :wink:

If it is a 100% IV Pokemon you don’t need any calculator

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Select “spin-off games”

That’s ok, I’m happy with my 100% Blissey, 98% Chansey, a couple of 96% Chanseys and a 100% Snorlax.