Changed Googles password, and now I have to restart

The other day, I had to change my google account password as there was some suspicious activity going on, when I changed my password then logged back into Pokémon go, it gave me Professor Willow and I had to make a new Pokémon go account which mean I now have to restart my progress. I got all the way up to level 27 over a year and a half of work! Please tell me if I can get my old account back or have to restart :frowning:


email niantic, explain your issue, and tell them that you want your account back but with a new password.

That doesnt make much sense… If you use a google account for pokemon it should be linked to your google email… not your password.

Check these 2 links, maybe this helps:

  1. Be sure to use the same Google account
  2. if you did and still cant get it back, I recommend emailing them, as others said (yet that probably wont do anything considering how Niantic doesnt do anything about emails)
  3. A year and a half and you have level 27?

Thanks, and I’m not a very consistent player, that is why I’m level 27

Thank you very much, I’ll definitely check them out!

Okay, I’ll try that out, thanks

Its ok to be level 27. I just leveled up to level 30 and all my family and riends are lower


My son started his account on Christmas Day when he got his new phone. He is already at Level 25. If something did happen to my account, I know it wouldn’t really take that long to get back to where I was. Good luck on recovering your account but just know getting back to where you were won’t take very long.