Change in Field Research

Tomorrow I will start the new series of Field Research, so the first three researches will be from april (Moltres), and the last four in may (Zapdos).

Will I get my fifth Moltres or my first Zapdos?

It might matter if you get the 7th reward before the 1st of may and wait untill after that day to open it. Then you might still get Moltres.
But if you get your 7th day after 1st of may you will get zapdos no matter what.

A logical and realistic response… I was quite shure as well that it will be a Zapdos.

The only possible argument for me was the egg-behavior. It’s said that the outcome of an egg is defined in the moment you receive it, not when you hatch it… something like this could happen in the research as well.

Like, if somebody has to search for Magikarps for month, trying to get his Mew. Will he get it, or will he receive, for example, a Celebi, like others who are in the second journey?

Your right about the egg, but i think this works different cause you dont get anything at the first stamp. I think the trigger is just the 7th stamp.
And with Mew, it probably IS linked to the first quest so you wont be able to get something different. New mythicals probably get entirely new quest strings.

Very good, I agree. In any case we will see next week the outcome. Shurely others can show the effect before me, but I will put my answer here as well.

Like when you get a double candy egg if you hatch after event it will still have double candy. Pokemon and candy already decided