Change date when not able to attend to an EX raid

Hi team support,
My PoGo name is LoveMyQueen1002
I have received the EX raid on Saturday March 10 2018 at 2:00-2:45PM WA Australia (together with my 2 best friends: HQ3107 and Quyt0201)
But on this date we will fly away and will be back after 2 weeks.
Not so sure if Niantic can help to change this EX Raid Pass to an other dates
Many thanks

Why are you posting this on Pokémon Go Hub?


No they cant change the date for others

The best chance would be to email niantic, hopefully that will work :slight_smile:

I always thought it’d be a good idea to have some sort of opt-out of an EX raid if you can’t be there on that day and time. You can give up your pass and someone else who didn’t get one when the invites went out could get one. I’m not saying you should automatically get another EX raid pass for a different date but maybe an increased chance of getting the next EX raid pass.

The best solution is to have somebody play and catch him for you