Change appraisal system for IV in the game


Excuse me if this is not the right place, I have created a petition to change appraisal system with sentences for IV, attack, defense and stamina valors.

You can sign it here,



Why? Not even the games have it, stop being lazy and use a calculator


I wish more people understood that IVs are designed to be hidden. Their concept is equivalent to a Pokemon’s DNA to differentiate same species from one another. They’re also invisible to not overwhelm new players while providing enough depth for hardcore players - both in Go and in the main series games. Pokemon games never have, and never will give you the exact values of a Pokemon’s IVs unless X stat is at its best.


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Original Pokémon game from Game Freak indicated Attack, Defense, Speed and Special valors, why cannot in Pokémon GO?


These arent IVs
These are the stats

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Current base stats aren’t IV’s. All Pokemon’s current base stats are view-able. Go does this in the form of CP.

A little correction, not base stats, but the raw stats
Bulba has a lot higher base stats than the one shown in the picture has raw stats

They could change appraisal system with sentences for attack, defense and stamina valors.
At least, they could change appraisal system with sentences and put all in one window.

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But they are already in sentences and putting them in one window wouldnt do much