Champion Raid Badge

Hey guys, I have a quick question. Considering Niantic’s new ‘requirements’ for EX raid invites, its now important to have the Champion Raid Badge as high as possible. I have been an active raider since the system was first introduced, sometimes completing 3-5 raids a day.
I checked my raid badge, and it says I have only won 63 raids? I am 100% certain that I have done more than that. For example, it says I have completed 70 legendary raids. How can I have only won 63 raids overall, but won 70 legendary raids, unless they are counted separately?

Any help or ideas would be welcome.

They are counted separately, indeed


There is a legendary badge as well as the standard one.


Separate raid badges as below. Keep raiding though!!! :smiley:

Bit of work to do on the Big Fish Medal I see.
I see you have the Tiny Rat completed, nice work. How many Rats in Total have you caught? I’m catching lots of Rats but not many Tiny ones…

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Haha! Silly thing is I work near the Brisbane river & have a water biome near me 5 of 7 days & haven’t really tried to finish the Karl badge…
Only got 330 tiny rattata (11.54% of my total rattata caught) so far but 30 were caught since I got the medal on 26/10.
If you’re trying to get that one, now is the time!

I dont evem have big karp silver lol
Rattata neither