Champion League

Time to see who really battles.

Is your pokemon a champion?

Lets find out!

GO !! 5God

Post your Pokemon that has alot of Wins!

Lets go!

My Mewtwo has 5623 Wins. Beat that! :smiling_imp:

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My Heracross has 7829 wins :sunglasses:

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post up

Is there any other way to check that stat other than when you use it for a battle?
I’ve mixed mine up a bit between my Ttar, Machamp and now using my Rayquaza a fair bit just to change things up.

Saddly no, it should be shown under KM walked but no. Gotta see it in the battle screen.

It might take me some time to check a few in battle.
What I do need to check is if that number is isolated to the individual Pokemon or if it’s linked to type.
I’ve got 6 100% Machamps named after characters from the Rocky Movies. I used to rotate these names through the lead positions.

individual and party. If the mon is in the winning party the score increases.

I dont battle much, so my highest isnt more than 100

How see

I battle with different Pokémon, but my Mewtwo has a pretty high number, as it is my biggest Pokémon.

When your in a battle and defeat a pokemon and about to fight the next one.

Here your go @5GodLink