CD's for Gen 4 Starters Approaching Fast

With trend of one Gen Starter then some else then another Gen Starter in the order of (Grass, Fire, Water) will have Mudkip in July making it September to start on the GEN IV starters.

What I’m interested in mostly atm is if I should hang on to my 100% Turtwig until the CD for evolution as I’m looking for my next L40 MAX out project. (a personal goal is to have a 100% IV powered to L40 of every starter)
Is Torterra likely to have a much better Charge Move than it can currently get to make it 1/2 useful or will a new move be just a collector thing which I’m not interested in one little bit?

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Save it for CD, of course. Every starter has crappy moves untill they get their own CD. Then they get their best moves. They will remain crap, but less.


I estimate that the following months will be for the Sinnoh Community Days:

September 2019: Turtwig (Frenzy Plant)
November 2019: Chimchar (Blast Burn)
January 2020: Piplup (Hydro Cannon)

By then, the Unova Starters should be available (likely by the time Turtwig Community Day comes around) so that will by Niantic a few more months to figure out what to do since they are quickly running out of Pokemon to feature. Meaning, there may be repeats of past ones. That schedule should look more like this:

March 2020: Snivy (Frenzy Plant)
May 2020: Tepig (Blast Burn)
July: 2020: Oshawott (Hydro Cannon)

It’s possible that Gen 6 Starters could come out by then given the 10-month trend, but it’s hard to say at this time.

Or maybe they will take extra year/half a year to mash up 2 or 4 Pokemon that already had a CD into a CD again

Possibly, but that’s near baseless speculation at best since all we have to base that on is one Community Weekend in December. Niantic has shown themselves to be a creature of habit, so until they run out, odds are they will go along a charted course until practicality dictates otherwise.

What could hasten a change is the shortage of 3-stage evolution Pokemon in the 10 km egg pool that they gleaned from for Community Day. All that’s left is Ralts, Gible, Porygon and possibly Trapinch (with Earth Power now a move, I see that being a possibility despite Trapinch being recently demoted to 5 km eggs). This could change as Gen 5 encroaches, but I don’t know if Niantic would want to dive into that pool so soon. It’s hard to say how Niantic will act once an unknown factor is introduced.

And that wasnt a speculation, its was a solution

A solution would imply that Niantic is looking for one for a problem. We don’t even know if they are or even have that problem because they may have already solved it and are just mum about it, so it is indeed speculation since we don’t know what is in their heads or have inside information.

The next time someone says I love being right, Ill just tag them in this chat lol

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Word choice is vital when it comes to debating, and I’m a creative writer on top of a graphic designer; ergo, it’s my job to choose words carefully and point out when they are not. Instead of trying to make things personal, try to choose your words more carefully. Presentation is everything, and haughtiness is not a desirable quality in a debate.

Back to the topic at hand–and to answer a question I originally neglected to answer–it is very likely that Torterra will learn Frenzy Plant on its own Community Day, presumably in September 2019 should trends continue as they are. Frenzy Plant does operate better than Solar Beam marginally so, and while Torterra is not the best Grass-type out there, it may still have its usefulness against certain Rock-type Raid Bosses that can either return or be incoming, like Regirock and Terrakion. Sure, there are other options, but Torterra’s double resistance to Regirock’s Zap Cannon and resistance to Stone Edge can’t be overlooked.

In short, I would definitely wait the few more months to get Frenzy Plant. You can always give it Rare Candy or walk it as a buddy so you can level it up before evolving it. There’s no difference in the order you do it in. Moreover, Niantic will announce the exclusive move a few days before its applicable Community Day, so if you’re still not sure, just wait until then.

I didnt try to make things personal in the first place but ok

As for the Torterra, wait, it wont get great but it will get better and just September isnt that far away