CD Clothes

I have an idea about CD, so if you complete certain tasks you can get clothes related to the featured Pokemon! For example, if you catch 20 shiny Cyndaquil on Cyndaquil day, you get
a Shiny Typhlosion T-Shirt free of Pokecoins!


Amazing idea cool new profile I will post this on Niantic support

Cool idea for free clothes but 20 shinies is too much.

Lower the number and sounds great. I would wear a dragonite hoodie🤷🏾‍♂️

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I like the free stuff on here, but can’t see myself spending hard earned coins on clothes. Not even after I max out on storage space, there are still incubators to buy.

me and my cousin earned so many coins we look like ballers in Go.

We bought all the cool looking clothing.

rn i got 1k+ coins, coins aint a thing to me. Either i buy or earn it myself.

this idea is a cool idea in my would be very cool to have these clothes on every community day.

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