Caution weather setting too sensitive

Right now it’s about to snow where I am. It’s not a crazy storm or anything. In fact, there are flurries and minimal wind. Yet I have a caution weather setting. I was looking forward to the snow setting, but I’m going to be pissed if every time it snows, Pokémon thinks that its an emergency.

I know people in california are getting this because of the fires, but it’s not like anyone’s going to wander into the fire looking for a mudkip.


I’ve got the snow weather sequence and a warning…even though it’s just a little cloudy.

That’s happens when a programmer is set in front of a real scale of weathers and he has to decide in which point he has to put each class of weather and where the weather is out of the scale…

Same the actual sky looks cloudy but it says extreme weather. But there are a lot of pokemon still appearing.

They really need to change this especially if it affects the spawns. Right now in New Orleans it is 39 degrees and completely sunny and clear outside but because of the national weather alerts it still reads extreme. I reported it to them this morning.

We can’t expect they will scan the sky by their own… they need to use a public weather forcast or weather news. And that’s what happens allways when you are depending on others, only in a few cases it works well

Mine says cloudy even though there is still a weather alert and it is snowing