[Catches] Spawning and catches from adventure week

Hey all. Just wanted to check in with the community and see if anyone has caught anything exciting.

I added 2 new Pokémon to my dex so that is fun. Other than that, caught onix, geodudes, omantye, slugmas. Catching these frequently.

No larvitar for me ;(

How are you guys doing?

I don’t think larvitar was included with the event spawns much. they spawn just the same as everyday for me. I did catch one by luck but I have the feeling it wasn’t the event flagship. I’m trying to focusing on grinding candies, get enough candies for the dex sleelix, grind hard for geodude candies to envolve a few golem so it’s guaranteed I get rock throw/stone edge. The biggest part for me is geodudes, few onixes and the main goal is that buddy candies galore. XD

Yeah I hear you. When the event opened I saw 3 on near by while working. So I was like, yes, I’ll walk a diff buddy. That changed sadly when left work. I am grinding ryhorn, and geo for those candies to get those mon stronger. Just sad, was hoping to finally see a while larvitar. I’ve only hatched two.

I hatched 1 and caught like 6 so far. I walked them over 230kms haha. Hope you will see some later on they will come eventually.
You know I never hatch/seen a chansey since the beginning. I saw many people hatched them last year and think they will come eventually. This week on the first day of the event I hatched 2 chansey back to back for my dex and gave me exactly 50 candies which is magical. One of them is 95.7% IV with 14-15-14 fir which Def is perfect. So you know they will come in time :wink: by the way the price is 4 gligars & 1 sudowudo in that hatching but worth it

I would be happy to hatch a few more larvitar. I’m sick of getting pineco, sudo, and Gligar. Guess that is just the way the dice rolls.

I have got to 250 geodude candy and I have also caught 6 larvitars,including a 653 cp with 89% iv.
4 more larvs to go!

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Yes always hatch minimum of 6 or 7 so u know hope for 2-3 good and the rest will be trash always. But during this event I’m hatching every 10km egg I get to know which I should walk hehe

For me, i encountered plenty of rhyhorn, omanyte, kabuto, and quite a number of shuckles. On the other hand, i encountered fewer sudowoodo than before, as i usually encounter at least 3~4 everyday before event. as for larvitar, they spawned at my house 2 times before, but not even a nearby indication popping up in my radar. I’m from the other side of the planet, so the event starts when i’m in slumberland, so i missed the short larvitar frenzy…

Nice. Was that early when the event dropped or over the last day or two?

Yeah me too. Well I work night shift

Not a rock catch, but I got my Pokedex Clefable yesterday!

Congrats Candyman. Always great checking that box off. Good job!

so much slugma in my area LOL and some kabutos - but nothing more than those two

I caught one larvitar at the beggining of the event,4 more on Friday and 2 more yesterday

Seen a couple of Larvitars in the higher altitude mountain biome, roughly 300 meters north from Kaštela, Croatia. I don’t walk often enough there, so I’m not sure if it’s event or just luck related

Seeing a lot of them. Sudowoodo and geodude.

I will have to keep higher elevation In mind. Where I live and traveled to this weekend is, “according to biome,” a larvitar area. The matching Pokémon spawn regularly for me. I understand that it is a rare catch. Guess like the water event I saw a ton of magikarp, 1 lapras, and only a handful of starters. Not even a gen 2 starter and I was on Cape Cod. Full on water biome.

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Lots of Geodudes and Rhyhorns in my area. Exciting part: I was able to catch two Larvitars, had not seen one in the wild before.

Lavatar was most definitely part of the event. In fact it was noted that they significantly cut down the love of our sponsors for the event after the first hour or so

Yeah it’s a shame. I mean I realize it was flooded shortly after launch. I get why they cut it down, but I feels like they cut it back to far. Almost 3 days now of active searching and not a one.