Catch-rate ripoffs

Having catch rates plummet after buying a batch of pokeballs is a real pisser. When I have a couple of dozen balls, the rate seems to hover around 1 or 2 balls per-catch, only to roughly double, CP-adjusted, after buying 100 (2 to 5 balls per-catch). Burnin’ dem balls…

I need to document this more meticulously to have a firm basis for the complaint. But after several months of having to throw away balls by the dozen (to avoid the full-bag error when spinning stops) I’ve actually had to buy balls 4 times since the Thanksgiving promo ended. Landing an Excellent throw with raspberry only to have the mon escape and then be caught by a bad throw with a normal ball and no berries the very next throw, and then watch mon after mon run away after one or two great-throw escapes, or throw eight or nine balls to catch a 135-CP Spearrow really starts to wear on the nerves. Burnin’ dem balls…

(To their credit, after a mon runs away, the next throw seems to be slightly more likely than usual to catch. So it’s not ENTIRELY programmed to rip off the player.) (End-of-flame…)

[For whatever it’s worth, I have a level 36 trainer and have played frequently for nearly two years]

Good luck with your study on this. I’ll be interested in your results.
You’ll need to record if the Pokémon was weather boosted or not as well.