Can't see Pokemon

Hi there, on behalf of a friend I’m looking for help in fixing an issue. They cannot battle in gyms, compete in raids or see certain types of Pokemon. They have tried everything. Any help would be appreciated.

I don’t know what “everything” includes for you and your friend.
Usually this is just some problem with either app data or cache. On Android these can be deleted seperately (I don’t know about iOS though). So deleting app data/cache and then restarting the app should do the trick in this case.

Many people also recommend uninstalling and then re-installing the app (which I have not tried in this case yet)

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Thanks for that. The user is on iOS. Tried multiple times to delete and reinstall the app, as well as rebooting the phone. Cache has also been cleared. Really bizzare bug that I’ve never seen before.

Owned Pokemon will not appear in the form of an image either.

This happened to me when I deleted and reinstalled my app. So, as @kRe said, clearing cache would be a good option :smile:

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It’s just when the server has bad connection it’s most common.

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Thanks for your reply! No luck as yet with clearing the cache but will keep trying.

Thanks for the reply :grinning: any idea how long it takes to get back upto speed? Bit weird how mine works yet hers is unusable?

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The more you play teh less it happens, at least for me.

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