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Can't Evolve Pokemon

I can not evolve ANY of my Pokemon. I’ve done 2 bug reports to no avail. I’ve deleted and reloaded the program. No change. HELP

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Scroll down, then you should be able to evolve Pokémon.


Or just tap at the left side of the button, then you wont need to scroll.


Nothing works. No matter how i get to the Pokemon i want to Evolve as soon as i hit “Evolve” it goes to previous screen. Do ypu know hpw i get help at Niantic? I had someone delete raid passes and can’t remember how i got that help


Niantic PoGO support

Wont help though. They MIGHT eventually tell you the same thing we say, but not after they make you follow 20 steps that wont do anything for you either.

Youre hitting the X, they made its hitbox too big.

They should make the ‘X’-button from the Sightings bigger. I just can’t manage to tap on it sometimes!

You aren’t the first to report this here. Go to this thread for the explanation and workaround:

Basically scroll down so that the X button is no longer on top of the Evolve button – the further apart they are, the better – and your push of the Evolve button will no longer be interpreted as a Close Window request. Good luck!

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Please listen to what they’re saying Whiperoo.
The fix worked for me and it can work for you too - just move the screen so the ‘evolve’ button is nowhere near the ‘x’ button.
It’s a pain to have to keep doing it but it’s the best we can do at the moment.

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Yeah, @Jormdeworm, it seems like Niantic made the close-window button smaller – just not on the right screen. But whatever the case is on that, try using the phone’s PREVIOUS or BACK button (the lower-right corner of Android phones). If the window you’re trying to close is a dialog (like for renaming a Pokemon), the CANCEL button usually gets me unstuck in a pinch.

Sadly I have Apple😬

So no button that acts like a browser’s BACK button?
Bummer in general.

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