Cant berry pokemon

any fixes to not being able to berry your mon?

it legit almost dead and havent been able to cause the mon is happy with death…


Did you feed it 10 berries in the last 10 minutes

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no, i fed it 1 berry when i dropped it. next day(today) cant feed nothing but can feed other pokemon i have in gyms.

You can feed a maximum of 10 different pokemon in a certain time (i think 30 minutes).

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fed less than 10

Did you feed 10 different Pokémon in the last 30 minutes?


I had only given less than 10😩

i didnt feed team.

Just dropped a mon and cant even give it its first berry

Did you feed berries to any other pokemon in OTHER gyms before this?

i fed the gym beside it right after seeing this. So i was able to still feed just not that 1.

That’s probably why you couldn’t berry it

That aint make sense…i couldnt berry it then berry the other 1 go back and still couldn’t berry. All this within the same minute. But i get what yall saying.

What im saying is. I shouldnt of been able to berry anywhere else​:unamused::unamused:

Yeah it’s annoying

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Reminds me of a similar scenario… except that we’re talking about gold raspberries during a heated gym defense battle involving waves of attackers.

There is a cap on how many different Pokemon you can feed in the hour, I’m fairly confident it’s 10.
Each Pokemon can only be feed a Max of 10 Berries regardless of type of berry.
If your remote feeding the amount of heath gained is much less than if your doing it physically within range of the Gym. The Gold Razz will fully heal in both cases.

To remote feed berries to a gym you must have a Pokemon in the Gym.
If your physically at the Gym you can feed berries to any Pokemon in the Gym even if you don’t have a Pokemon in it. This is only possible if the Gym is your colour of course.
Feeding Berries helps control the bag space and most importantly is worth 20 Start Dust for every Berry fed.