Candy from gym feeding

I was just randomly feeding berrys to a snorlax in a gym and i got a candy!(i have no snorlax)


I love that. I put my 3k slaking in gyms just so i can feed it berries to get more candy. And just like you did: every pokemon that is interesting for candy gets mass berried by me.

Even better is a lot of people don’t know this.

Can you explain this further? Does it have to be the same exact Pokemon or can I feed any Snorlax in a gym and it counts towards it?

It can be any pokemon and its a small chance

I don’t recall ever getting a candy from doing this. I must have feed like 500 berries at least, and nothing that I have noticed.

So if I feed any Snorlax (for example) that I see in any gym as much as possible, there’s a chance of gaining a Snorlax candy?

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Happens occasionally. Rarely happens to me anymore though. Got one from Trapinch the other day, which was nice.

You can get berries from feeding Pokémon in gyms & you don’t necessarily need to have that mon in your dex yet.
Hence it’s a good idea to feed unwanted berries to mons in gyms to both get your badge level up & also get some candy if you’re feeding meta Pokémon.

No ones mentioning the 20 Star Dust for each Berry thrown at a Gym.
I do it just as much for the Dust as I do to Gold a Gym. If your trashing Berries your throwing away Star Dust, the horror.

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Horror? I threw away 50 golden razz’s last weekend…

(in defence, i was raiding all day en got annoyed for not being able to spin any stops. Had 275 goldens mid day and decided to make room. Other items could have been deleted too but this was faster and the item i had the most from)

Currently fed 5,168 berries. I was curious to know what I had to show for this gold badge so I did some math. Its earned me approx 103,360 stardust and the nick name of Berry Pusher by some local trainers. Also, feeding as many berries as I have its allowed me to research a theory that either all of my mons have an eating disorder or the berry patches near me aren’t organic and nutritious enough to motivate my Mons. Results have proven the latter. Guess it makes sense, the soil here is grade C and mostly composed of sand. Doesn’t make for good agrictultre. This is why I need a Poke Center.

I don’t think a Poke Center is coming any time soon though or ever because Niantic likes its Poke Center to be referred to by a different name, the “shop”. Still I’d like to be able to invest the coins my Mons earned me into a berry that would keep my Mon more motivated (depreciate CP slower) in a gym. It’s a dog eat dog world out there in the gyms, especially the now known gyms triggering EX raids. It be helpful to have some Organic berries is all I’m saying! Or a sandwich, my Snorlax is always asking for a sandwich.

Seriously though, Niantic needs to address this berry issue sooner than latter. My fear is that they rework the gym system but carry over the old berry / motivation system. They need to address it two fold. For the ever increasing amount of higher level trainers they need something, a challenge to keep them engaged with gyms. Not engaged with raid bosses at gyms but actual gym battles. What ever comes first, PVP or a gym rework will mean big things for trainers engaging more in gym battles. I’d rather Niantic overhaul a new gym system, add some abilities, etc., and then build PVP off of it.

The second reason why Niantic needs to do something about how berries function in gyms is because my Mon’s “need some attention” way too often! At work when I’m hungry I eat and then go back to work. However, the same isn’t true for my starving Snorlax. Why couldn’t it be though? Instead of placing a Mon in a gym and feeding it one berry to bring it to max I always feed as many candies as I can spare to my Mon’s and others when I’m out playing at parks and such. After the first berry I feed my mon it brings it up to max CP. If I have enough berries to feed my mon 9 more berries it does nothing to effect over all motivation. It should though and heres a thought on how Niantic could do it.

The 9 berries that I fed should be set aside for my Snorlax to munch on all day. Or say feeding 10 berries to your own mon once you first put in in a gym would keep it fully motivated for say 2 hours. I don’t have the time to analyze my Snorlax’s berry to motivation ratio. If I did though, I’m sure the results would tally to be hundreds of berries fed in order to stay fully motivated throughout a full day.

As to candies received from feeding Mon’s in gyms I’m still trying to figure out exactly when candies are rewarded after feeding a mon a berry. I’ve found I have my best luck getting candies from Pokemon I usually use all the time to defend gyms around me. For example, my home gym (nearest one to me), I’m coming up on 100 days defender time. To get all that time I typically used 6-10 different Mons to defend it. If my mon made it through the night and I returned to the gym the next day with it still in the gym I’ve noticed the likelihood of receiving a candy from berrying my pokemon is increased. That leads me to believe that Pokemon that have been in gyms longer give more candies. Also, I use a 10 to 6 ratio or a 5 to 3 ration when feeding berries to gyms. 5 candies to my Blissy, 3 to any other pokemon in the gym. Then I move to my next gym at a park and feed 5 more to my blissy and 3 more to other pokes, etc, etc. I always feed the 5 first to my Blissy and the 3 others after. Typically if my Blissy or any other Mon in the gym is going to give me a berry I’ve observed they do so in the first 5 berries. That’s why I always berry the Mon I’m hoping to get a candy for first. And one more thing, after feeding gyms 30-50 berries you are due for some candy to pop out. Hope this helps someone out there!

I calculated my stardust earned by berry pushing based on only receiving 20 dust per berry and not 30 as I do receive from time to time playing with a star piece on. You get my point, easiest 100,000 dust I ever got!


It was added with New gym system, but it have very, very small chance to give you a candy

If your the Berry Pusher I’m not sure what that makes me?


Very impressive @NotanotherKangaskhan . I’d reckon that make you a Berry Boss.

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Yah total ive gotten 3 snorlax candy based on the fact that I caught my first without a pinap and i had 6 candy

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I know them feels. The gf had over 260 Golden Razz but only around 50 pokéballs in total so had to dump some into gyms so we could get her more great & ultra balls.

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I love throwing berries to the starved little buggers, it might be one of my favourite parts of the game. Then I heard this talk of candy and I do love me candy (no really sugar is a problem) but I have yet to see any materialise from a berry toss.

Mind you, this is the chap who transferred a shiny so…maybe I just haven’t noticed :wink:


Update: received Phanpy candy feeding nephew’s Donphan (was also the 1 candy I needed for my Donphan power up)

I saw a Mr Mime Candy go up the side when doing a Berry Dump.
I don’t have a Mr Mime so I’m wondering do I get that Candy in credit and it will appear if I every get Mr Mime?
Or has it just gone into the abyss?