Candies not adding up

I caught loads of Hariyama and use a golden berry to get more candies and transferred them.
However it has been saying I need “3” more all day ?
I just evolved my machine and it counted these one fine

you need 3000 stardust and 3 candy to power it up.
you have 174 candy but no dust (hence why te 3000 in noted in red text)

You can’t evolve Hariyama, you can only power up.
The reason U can’t is because you only have 548/3000 Stardust needed

also, by golden berry i hope you mean the yellow PINAP berry and not the golden razz berry?

it’s just a matter of terms but in this case can mean i whole lot

I’m pretty sure the golden razz unlocks at a higher level anyway though.

golden razz are earned in raids and raids can be done from level 5 and up. Not level dependent AFAIK

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yes you are correct, pinap berry

Hang on…but NORMAL razz unlocked for me at level 8, if I remember right.

according to this it unlocks at level 10. since @simmy is level 19 he qualifies.
I was wrong about it not needing a level requirement so i stand corrected.
But it does require a lower level then expected :smile:

In any case, @simmy, don’t give away so much Stardust!!! You have to learn to be a little bit more patient, you will find other monsters which are much more valued and need more Stardust than the ones you have now…

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