Can you use on Trainer Club

Im wanting to test if PGnexus is safe can you use it om trainer club?
If i click analyze noting happens

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It can get you banned


I get send back to login screen after logging in


It logs into the game and can get you banned
They claim they try to make it read-only, but even then I wouldnt risk it if you like your account


My trainer club is a lvl 16 account i dont use

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as a long time user of PGnexus i can say the following:

  • it has been safe to use for at least 1,5 years.
  • the service went down the same moment the scanners went down. The site doesn‚Äôt work anymore. And i hate that.

Wait, how?
Didnt scanners go down because all the bot acounts got hard-banned?

not all the bots got banned

None of the trackers are up however

true and there never coming back eithr

Scanners went down because of the first forced update, that was in March

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They will come back

I’m. Not so sure bout that…

Well Niantic did something (I have no idea what specifically what they did) that disables stuff that hacks into the APK

Thats nice, but solving hacking into GPS seems like a bigger priority - hacks into APK can be banned afterwards, GPS can be difficult to detect

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Yeah, I agree because most people don’t care about scanners and more about spoofers

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