Can you get more than one Meltan?

…IF anyone can ever get one
Also, I was wondering, can you catch more than one Meltan? After you complete the quest?

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Mistery box

And you have to open it?

I was told that the Mystery Box only lets you catch 6 Meltans per use. Is that true? Because I really hope not … lol

Title says post but topic is a question :man_facepalming:t4::man_shrugging:t5:

I was about to close it indeed, but when I read the question I decided not to close it yet.

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There i changed the title

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The Switch gives you a mystery box that you can use once a week and when you open it, it lures Meltan to you for 30 minutes. You can catch anywhere from 4-9, so make sure you Pinap them. I’m going to open my 2nd one tonight after Cub Scouts.


This is seriously Bull Squirt that those with out a Switch have no ability to be able to catch more than the one from the Quest. Way to go Niantic you Morons excluding a large section of players.

Nothing against those that have a Switch. Cash in while you can.


I need my first one.

Are you and @Jaxxon8 both getting boxes?

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I got 8 when I opened mine


Yes. I’m picking up my daughter from dance right now and then planning to open mystery box when I get home. Countdown on box has reached zero.


Just finished 2nd round of Meltans with the Switch. Had to give my son an Exceggutor. I got 7 tonight and remembered to Pinap them. So now I have 67 candies.


Your lucky

I need to get

I’ve done the box twice now, and both times i got 10 meltan. Including some rare candy that i never get with despite doing many raids i’m over 200 candies now.

First box even gave me a 93% Meltan, and i can get a box every sunday so’m i’m ahead of most in my community (except the ones with ~400 rare candy willing to invest)

At my rate, I should have 400 candies sometime in the spring. Maybe March or April.

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At the rate I’m going at I’ll get 400 by December of next year lol :joy::joy:

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