Can Legendaries breed? Pokemon theories

I heard from Nick that in the main series game legendaries cannot breed, except for celebi.
So recall the question are legendaries unique individuals or there actually a herd of them. For instant there are a group of Zapdos were born since the dawn of time abd they stay that way.
Or could it be there is only 1 zapdos, moltres etc in the pokemon word ?
For me i like theory 1 better !

Well, Celebi and Manaphy can breed, and there was a baby Lugia in the anime, so yes, I think there are multiples of each, but we can only obtain one.(not counting GO)

Like in the tv series ? Or u were talking about the main game ?

Celebi and Manaphy in the games, lugia in the anime

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Arceus, the Pokémon GOD, hatched from an egg, you know. So why wouldn’t ALL legendaries do likewise?

He’s just a goat stucked in a fence. So…

ROFL, what blasphemy against the Pokémon god! XD

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even when the I try to breed them they don’t but I think the should