Can anyone beat this?

So I’ve been tracking the progress of my gyms lately and progress towards gold status is happening which is kind of sad as the main of my progress is coming from people in my town no longer playing. It did make me wonder however what people’s record amount of time defending a gym might be. I had a Dragonite which I placed in a gym pretty soon after the release of the new gyms, it’s still there 142 days and 9 hours later. Can anyone beat that?

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Yeah let me think about that…no-ones ever beating that.


At least I could not imagine another case… well, maybe in some remote town with one gym and one player… but no, congrats

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I guess it’s more does anyone want to beat that ;O)

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I have some 40 gold badges, but they come with really messy wars :rofl::smiling_imp:

Even no matter, we mostly going trio.

On some park with 7 gyms, we cant take they more than 4-5 hours, even with blissey and chansey, and that remote feed :innocent:

I struggle with the opposite problem. I’m Instinct, and while there are a decent number of us in my neighborhood, Mystic are extremely thirsty here. It’s difficult to hold a gym for very long in general. Granted, there are some days when I can easily have a mon in a gym with little to no maintenance, the vast majority of the time, the gym is flipped with in an hour. It’s not uncommon for the gym to flip within 10 minutes unfortunately.

And if you let them some days in the gym? Maybe this way they understand that it is more healthy for everybody to have a continious change every 12 or 24 hours…

Then the mystic players in the neightborhood are assholes, cant you tell them to let you stay for 8 hours and 20 minutes?
You can kick them in the morning and add yourself, they can kick you in the evening and add themselves, everybody has coins and no need to deplete revives and berrries

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Exactly what I said. Dry them out, you don’t win coins, but they doesn’t do as well.

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In my area we started a gym share… only like 60 people play in my area so we just swap out gyms when everyone has been in for 8 hours and 20 minutes. Its simple and easy. And with the fact people work all times of the day there is usually someone out to swap gyms. As for the challenge of 142 days on a gym… the longest I stayed in one gym was 56 days. Not sure who took it but it didn’t bother me as 56 days was entirely too long without my pokemon and the gym was gold after that anyway.

Picture proof please @GrowlitheOwner. My record is 92 days.

btw, it total i lost only couple days :rofl:

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Sorry, meant to add it the other day but didn’t know how. It’s up to 144 days and 4 hours now. It’s a ski lift up a mountain with a dodgy internet connection so it was great with the old gym system but not much use with the new. Today is the first day of the season for that lift so I think its time may be limited if anyone in the area still plays. I will keep note if it actually provides any coins or not. It has at least been a useful outlet for berries when I had no other gyms at least. It has only had 114 however so it may be a little malnourished when it eventually returns.

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40! I thought 5 was pretty good and they’re all from gyms that just don’t have many people going past them in summer!

You will only get coins if you haven’t collect for the day already. If you’ve already collected the 50 for the day and it comes back after you get absolutely nothing for your 140+ days.
Once a Gym’s Gold it’s waste of Berries feeding them. Feed the ones in non Gold Gyms to help make them Gold.
You should only feed Pokemon in Gold Gyms if the only Gyms your in are Gold already and you need to make bag space.

124 days is my highest one. It got booted a couple of weeks ago and I haven’t bother to put the Familys Eevee clan back in.

I only just got my first gold, but the longest I’ve held a gym was a few hours shy of a week with my gyarados in a very small town.

Longest one is like 11 days but Hey is it still in thier

Had a Tangela guarding a gym for over 2 weeks. That was my max. When it got booted, it was on a day when I had had my 50 already. System sux

You can email Niantic to tell them to remove your pokemon from the gym. There is a special cateory for it and I have used it on more than one occasion.

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Please don’t let me beat that, because you only get 50 PokéCoins