Calling all trainers in Paris

I’m sorry; I do not speak French, so “Thank You” for reading this in English.

I have a friend traveling to Paris on 17/11/2017 for one week. This is his third trip, and he has not found Mr. Mime. Does anyone know anything about Mr. Mime spawning.

Is it very rare? (The US exclusive- Tauros- is very uncommon in my part of the country for the past nine months.).
Is there a spawn point where Mr. Mime can frequently be found?
Are there any local resources available to help find rare Pokémon?

Thank you in advance for any information that anyone can offer to assist in this.

Is there a Paris pokeradar? If so, try that out.maybe it will help

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I am from the United States but visited Europe for a week this summer for business. I may have just been lucky but every night I lured the stop next to my hotel and incensed as well. I was able to catch five Mr. Mimes while only playing about an hour per day. I was probably just very lucky, but I would definitely encourage luring and incensing as much as possible.

i have Heracross and corsola as regionals and I would say I see 2-3 Heracross and one corsola per week on average. They aren’t common, but not rare either.

I travel quite a bit in tauros areas and they seem hard to find. I’ve caught only 12 in almost a year and a half.

Thanks for the advice, man. He did get one for me (and five for himself). I guess beggars can’t be choosers, though.

Heracross and Corsola?! Lucky you!

Thank you all for your comments and suggestions! My friend was able to find a Mr. Mime for me (although he found five for himself). Now that Farcetch’d went global for a while, only Khangasskhan (and Mew) remain unfilled in my Gen1 Pokédex!

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