BUGS! Anyone know how to fix?

So several bug issues since reinstalled Pokémon Go. Before I continue I’ll say this before it’ll get mentioned I should try to uninstall and reinstall…I’ve done that not once but five times, turning off location and keeping it on, even went as far as making a new account and I’m still facing the same bugs.

So I can’t add friends or see my friends list error “Failed to get friends list. Try again later” continuing with this area topic my QR won’t show up and it doesn’t pick up anyone else’s.

Which I have 24 hours later…

My buddy I walk with - bulbasaur if anyone is wondering I had left it at 0.2 km walking with him in 2017 when the game first came out. Checking my health app since playing (reinstalling just shy of 24hours ago) I’ve walked over 10km and received no candies from this it’s still at 0.2 AND I have several eggs in incubators mostly 5km in said incubators they still haven’t hatched.

Please if anyone knows how I can go about this to sort this, please help. I’ve also reported bugs inside the app. I’m hoping it’s something as simple to do that I haven’t thought of as of yet. Or so help me Pokémon Go you’re getting uninstalled again and not looked at for another 2 years…+10


Adventure sinc don’t work most of the time for me

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What system do you have?
Do you have other apps that access Pogo?
Remove them Before login into the game and after clearing the data and cache.
Go to Definition - Apps - Pogo - empty data and empty cache. Then login with Pogo.
The Sync is failing, sometimes. The limit of 10kmh on walking is showing up too much times and stops registering.

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That’s ones I already tried…I meant to mention that sorry. But thanks for suggesting.


If you got IOS, it’s a known bug, for a long time.

Check if you have any battery saving switched on. (Not the battery saver in the app, that has nothing to do with that).

Also check the GPS settings on the phone if they are not limited.


I have android

So have I, but I read a lot and I know that IOS users have a lot of problems with adventure sync.

It started after an update.

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