Bug with catching and storing 'Mons?

So, the first Dratini that I caught on community day was small but a shiny one. When I checked later this had not been added to my bag (and it being shiny, I can exactly recall that I captured it). Not too big an issue as I later caught a total of 10, 9 of them bigger, so I found that odd but discarded the thought.

Now yesterday I tried in vain to catch an Ariados. It ran, my son witnessed it and made a comment. Checking my bag, I found that it had been added to my collcetion.

Is that a known glitch that escaped me or why would that happen?

Havent heared of such a bug yet.

Why do you mention its size tough? I dont see the importance of that.

Hmmm‚Ķ could agrue why do you post if you haven¬īt anything to contribute. I dont see the sense of that.
But you are right. It probably doesn¬īt matter.

No im honestly curious because i suspect you might think it has an influence on the strength of your pokemon.

Sorry, I misunderstood your intentions. I mentinoned the fact that it was shiny just to underline that I did pay special attention to the catch and that it was not a misperception.
To be precise the one that was lost was a roughly 130 cp Dratini, the one that was gained was a 1040 cp Ariados. Size (in this case) does not seem to matter :slight_smile:

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Of this bug I have heard nothing. What happens quite often to me is that appear mon’s in the list I have not catched, but some minutes later I get the egg-screen and these mon’s are coming out of this eggs.

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I¬īve had that as well but in this case it was clearly the mon I tried to catch in vain.

Yeah, will take a look in other webs, maybe I see something.

I found this in reddit.com
Pokemon Go Bug - Consumables/Pokemon Disappearing?
but it is one year old…

Interesting, I never heard of that. The case is different as I am not missing stuff from my inventory, however. In my case one catch was not added and a disappeared Pokemon was still added to my inventory.

That’s what he tells in the first article, but if you read the comments, there are the examples of disappeared Pokemon.

I did but those were PMs that People already owned and in some cases even powered up. Never a new catch not inventorized or a seemingly disappeared PM still added (just skimmed over it).
Anyway it would be new that this bug is currently relevant.