Bug upon entering an Ex-Raid

Hello all,

Does Niantic refund Ex-Raid passes which have been lost due to bugs in the game?

I just wanted to participate in the Raid, when all I got was the loading circle animation after the 120s timer finished counting down. I should have been already warned by the glitchy gym animation (see image below).



You wont get another EX Pass to replace that lost opportunity. They’ve never done that yet to my knowledge.
They will most likely give you is some Premium Passes so you can use them to give yourself another chance at an Ex Pass.
Go into the Games Settings screen and use the Report Critical Issue. Follow the links and find the one about Premium Items. Report your problem there and they normally respond within a day. Commonly referred to a raising a ticket.


Thanks anyways ^^

You’ll probably recieve a free premier raid pass or the like.

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I didn’t even get to catch him I only used one ball then I got kicked out the game and when I log back in I could even catch mewtwo anymore I got robbed

just listen to @NotanotherKangaskhan, he had a good response. Niantic will probably refund you but I doubt with a EX Raid pass.

Everyone that I know that has raised a ticket for Ex Raid errors/glitches or not being able to attend an Ex Raid due to times unsuitable have been gifted 2-3 Premium Passes.

I tried that once and got a standard “better luck next time” reply.

Any tips on how to succeed?

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