Bug out event

New event announced: Bug time event. Starting on april 2 till april 9, Bug type pokemon are more common. No shinies have been announced yet.

What do I say about this event?

This is just in the code, it is causing problems for players, hate it

Jk, wheres my queen bee, need 47 more candies, cool event

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Interesting I get a lot of big spawns so hopefully one of the many bugs that spawn get a shiny, if not at least I can work on getting a better scizor

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Since Scyther is shown, I think Shiny Scyther will come. But it can also be like Oddish when Niantic fooled us all. If not Scyther, I’d say either Shiny Nincada or Venonat or both of them.


I think the game is allready buggy enough without this event…:joy:


Yeah, both with bug pokemon and bugs in mechanics. I also had the thought that missingno could be added, but maybe not catchable, due to having a weird typing and no actual moveset. I expect caterpie to appear at least once in every L18 S2 cell (that’s 16 L20s)

For those that don’t know the significance of L20s

A pokemon will always spawn in the center of one (also maybe I have gone too crazy with ideas)

I’m assuming the Nincada task will return to Pokestops.

I don’t care about new shinies… I won’t be getting them anyways… (And this is a shiny lover speaking!) But I really hope they make Nincada available somehow. I never got the quest when it was out and I wasn’t able to hatch it while it was in eggs… I got at least some candy when Shedinja was in research breakthrough… But nothing to evolve with the candy…

I’ve seen an increase of Bugs since Nov/Dec. Get many more and there will be nothing else to catch.
I’m a bit over the continual quick succession release of themed events tbh. New Shiny doesn’t excite me as I play too many hours catching lots of Pokemon and I’m not getting any at all.

I’m glad I didn’t evolve my best Scyther yet.

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