Bug or very hilarious?

This gym is normally pretty active, where the normal max of defending would be one day. But 3 days is very hilarious! I also remember when some gyms were bugged and the Pokémon defending couldn’t be removed. Maybe this bug is returning? Btw my nickname is not Kingcuso

He wants to hold it and get a gold badge, hence the berry count
Most likely not a glitch

Might be the result of spoofers being perma-banned. Or just large amounts of Golden razzberries

Sometimes I have an Error when battling at a gym. Can’t go further anymore.
But I’ve seen a lot of this. No bug I guess.

286 berrys

I don’t even have that😅

Edit: i dont know if this is a bug but that is a seemingly impossibly high number of berries for even 3 accounts.

Please close topic now, the Pokémon are now kicked out


Done @darksylveon1.