Buddy gifts don't add up

A couple of days ago I mentioned this in the remote-raids thread, since the buddy getting gifts for us while we’re stuck at home was one of the new features added along with the remote raids. It happened again just now.

My buddy’s avatar (next to mine in the lower left) ‘said’ GIFT (had a voice balloon with the gift symbol in it). When I clicked that gift symbol, a bunch of gifts in item bubbles appeared, which numbered 14 when I swiped across the screen to collect them. But when I check my items bag, it has 10 gifts in it. I had 2 before this, supposedly got 14, and ended up with 10!!! [edited to fix – it was actually 2 before, not just 1; so I should have ended up with 16]

Has anybody else here noticed that happening to them?

It’s happened to me, too, indeed, but that’s already awhile ago.

For me it is all the time. After first time I noticed I always check how many gifts I have after collecting gifts from buddy - and the gifts he delivered are NEVER added to my inventory, none of them.

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all the time, I receive half the number that showed up on screen. Usuallly 10 show up and I get just 5.

Just had buddy get me 2 gifts, which, added to the 10 in my bag, left me with 10 in my bag. Having just finished giving 10 gifts to get there, I knew exactly what gifts were in my bag, and - yep - no sign of 2 added gifts.

Next day: Finished giving gifts this morning, bringing me to 5, an hour after which my buddy brought 2, supposedly; but when I checked my bag after getting them, there was only 1 new gift at the end of the list, which now has a total of 6. (Which verifies that the shortfall isn’t being caused by a stray piece of code enforcing the usual 10-gifts-in-bag limit.)

What a joke.

Made a point to max my bag’s gifts last night, and first thing this morning did the open/send for all 20. Then my buddy had the voice balloon with the gift icon. Clicked it and had two gift item-bubbles pop up. Collected those with a swipe of the finger, and looked in my bag. NADA. No gifts. I just got two and it shows none.

While there are bugs more critical than this, like ones where players don’t get something they paid real money for and ones that crash the app, the blatant nature of this one calls for a fix.

I had 20 in my bag, but just ended up giving out 30 because my buddy brought me 10.

I wish my buddy could learn that from yours!

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I usually get anywhere from 2-5. I was surprised to get 10.

I have the same problem since a week ago. I pop 10 bubbles, message says ten gifts, when I check items… kein!

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